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Projects - M&E Engineering


Typically an engineering firm handles ten times the number of projects as an architecture firm of the same size. These projects steam from a variety of clients that may require a single renovation construction drawing to multimillion dollar new construction project. With this variety comes experience in an array of building types, each with specific needs. The diversity and quantity of projects completed by the engineering project managers allows for constant growth and adaption to a ever changing, energy conscience world. Below are a few of our featured projects. Please contacts us for more extensive and specific lists.

Our project profiles reflect our wide client base and acknowledge them with appreciation.

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  • Civic
  • Cultural and Historical
  • Energy/LEED
  • Laboratories & Industrial
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Equestrian/Fairgrounds
  • Hospitality
  • Judicial/Correctional
  • Office/Mixed Use
  • Performing Arts
  • Multi-Family
  • Data Centers
  • Environmental


New Mexico Supreme Court Fire Suppression Installation, Santa Fe NM

Client: New Mexico Supreme Court

Scope: One of several renovation projects completed for this downtown Santa Fe historic facility. To adequately protect the building and its contents at a reasonable installation cost, M&E determined three types of sprinkler systems were required: a wet pipe system for most of the building; a gas type for areas where water would irreparably damage the contents of the space, the server room and book reserve area; and a pre-action dry type system designed to be used in areas where accidental release would cause extensive damage for the library and library storage areas. The installation was difficult due to minimal available space for pipe routing and the need to preserve surface finishes.

Lea County Event Center HVAC Renovation, Lovington, NM

Client: Lea County

Scope: A challenging project to upgrade and replace the HVAC system of a large facility while maintaining a full schedule of events. Extensive engineering and management skills by M & E Engineering were required to get this project underway beginning with extensive examination of existing conditions and selection of high performing equipment that would be easy to install. The project included installation of a chiller, large air handler units and a control system which also integrated the existing hot water heating system. To set up the project for successful construction a long construction time was planned to allow working around event schedules, a detailed sequence of construction was developed, and a contingency allowance was provided to allow quick response to unseen conditions.


Embudo Valley Library, Dixon NM

Client: Autotroph, Santa Fe

Scope: Renovation of existing space and addition to a community library. Solar thermal was designed in conjunction with local citizens.

Rio Arriba Public Works

Client: NCA Architects, Albuquerque

Scope: New public works facility including offices and vehicle service bays. This included vehicle exhaust, oil/sand separation system, and emergency wash areas. Other unique systems are the office HVAC system. It is a thermal solar system with Solar Logic controls and monitoring.


Household Hazardous Waste Building, Santa Fe NM

Client: J.R. Miller & Associates, La Brea CA

Scope: A new waste transfer facility for household waste (i.e. oil and paint). This included a full mechanical and electrical systems and construction administration for entire project on behalf of out-of-state client.


Southside Fire Station, Santa Fe NM

Client: Riskin Associates Architecture, Santa Fe

Scope: New 9,000 square foot fire station in Santa Fe. The system design included mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems with design of utilities and service extensions.


Picuris Pueblo Electric Service and Communications Study, Penasco NM

Client: Picuris Pueblo, Penasco

Scope: Study to extend and expand the capacity of electrical service and communications systems. Project pending grant funding.

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Cultural & Historical

NM Museum of Fine Arts HVAC Renovation, Santa Fe

Client: Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

This museum is historic landmark on the northwest corner of the Santa Fe Plaza constructed in 1917. The project focus was to install a museum quality HVAC system for five original galleries. Other project elements included related building renovations, asbestos inspections and sampling (no abatement required), structural modifications and historic considerations. A new control system was installed and extended to existing museum systems.


Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe

A 12,000 sf addition to the existing Harwood Museum provided a new gallery space, a high-tech auditorium, workshop and storage areas and a sheltered delivery entrance to a museum complex comprised of historic buildings. MEP installation included precisely controlled environments for the varying space requirements.


Museum of Albuquerque Expansions, Albuquerque, NM

Client: RMKM Architects, Albuquerque, NM

A two phase expansion of a major downtown museum facility included remodel of existing spaces and a 45,000 sf addition. Complete electrical and mechanical engineering services were provided.

New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe

This multi-story 96,000 sf museum is situated immediately behind the historic Palace of the Governors and connects to this historic structure and site. The building includes a variety of exhibit spaces, gathering spaces, classrooms, conservation lab area, staff offices and lounge, a cafe, and a fully equipped auditorium. City historic construction constraints created complex mechanical and electrical system installation.


Sky City Cultural Center, Acoma Pueblo, NM

Client: Barbara Felix Architecture + Design and WoodMetalConcrete Architects

Unique visitor center facility at Acoma Pueblo serving as the headquarters for the bus traffic and visitors to Sky City and includes small theater, classroom, museum shop, cafeteria, restroom, offices, collection storage and repatriation storage. Complete mechanical and electrical engineering services were provided and included radiant heat and cooling with fan coil for ventilation and DDC control. The entire facility can be turned “off” during cultural events to preserve the darkness and the quite of the surrounding environment.


Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe

Client: Gluckman Architects, New York

Renovation and addition to a downtown structure to create a single artist museum with offices and gift shop. MEP installation included a museum quality HVAC system and an energy management system, gallery lighting and control system, consolidation of utility services and construction administration for out of state design professionals.


New Mexico Museum of Space History, Space Hall of Fame, Alamogordo, NM

Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm System

Client: Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

Project included the installation of a fire suppression system, fire alarm system, fire pump and fire pump building and domestic water booster system. The need to install a fire suppression system triggered the need to solve issues related to the fire alarm and the domestic water booster system; both systems were largely replaced. All work - extensive site work, removal and replacement of ceilings and installation of piping - was completed while the building remained in use.

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Harold Runnels Building, HVAC Renovations, Santa Fe, NM

Client: GSD Property Control Division, State of New Mexico

M&E Engineering completed design and construction administration for a mechanical renovation project in an 90,000 sf occupied office building. The project included arrangements for off-site offices for one department and extensive moving of staff within the building to allow the contractor to replace ceiling mounted equipment and controls. Energy efficiency elements of the project were ARRA funded and the project was commissioned.

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Laboratories & Industrial

Materion System Upgrades, Albuquerque NM

Client: Materion, Albuquerque

Scope: This facility processes and refines silver and gold to high purity. M&E was hired to determine immediate solutions using existing and new equipment to modernize the plant and improve air quality within the budget constraints. Compliance required custom designed furnace hoods to capture the majority of fugitive emissions during production as well as make up air, space pressurization control, and additional exhaust systems During the construction phase of the project we worked closely with the contractor to monitor progress and adjust construction in order to maintain continual plant processing.


HT Micro, Albuquerque, NM

Client: HT Micro, Albuquerque

Scope: Hired by a new building owner to convert an analytical lab to a microchip clean room, M&E assessed the current facility HVAC and related conditions and designed a renovation to be accomplished in 4 phases - as one phase was under construction, the next was in design. This sequence was used to hasten the completion process while leaving portions of the facility in use.


Assaigai Analytical Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Client: Assaigai Analytical Laboratories, Albuquerque

Scope: Mechanical and electrical design for a new facility and tenant improvements to the existing facility for the installation of commercial analytical laboratories.


Evan Hall Chemical Storage, St. John’s College, Santa Fe NM

Client: David Perrigo Architect, Santa Fe

Scope: Conversion of an existing area for chemical storage. Vented cabinets, specialized exhaust, acid resistant sink and disposal, controls, lighting and power were included in the design.

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Cognitive Behavioral Institute, Albuquerque NM

Client: EDI
2009 LEED Platinum for New Construction

Scope: A distinctive medical clinic of medical offices, meeting rooms, and common spaces. M&E Engineering was responsible for the MEP construction documents, LEED energy modeling, and LEED credit completion and documentation. The HVAC system included two variable air volume packaged units serving multiple indoor variable air volume boxes controlled by a direct digital control center programed to read and react to all thermostats.

New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute Renovations, Las Vegas NM

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

Scope: M & E Engineering has completed many renovation projects for this facility including a comprehensive decentralization of the heating system and installation of local boiler plants, phased-in campus fire alarm system, asbestos abatement and structural improvements to utility tunnel, upgrade to and equipment for laundry facility, upgrade to power distribution and HVAC system improvements at various buildings. Most recently, M&E assisted NMBHI with securing and installing controls in 5 buildings using ARRA funding.


UNMH BBRP Oxygen Room Storage, Albuquerque NM

Client: University New Mexico Hospital, Albuquerque

Scope: Upgrade of existing oxygen storage room to comply with new regulations. Primarily a modification to an existing exhaust system installation.


El Castillo Medical Center Expansion, Santa Fe

Client: Architects Santa Fe, Santa Fe

Scope: Expansion of an existing facility to double the capacity of the medical center for a 140 bed, downtown retirement complex. Complete HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, and special systems were designed for first floor kitchen and dining, second floor full medical care center, and third floor assisted living units. This project was completed as part of major renovations and additions to the facility.

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NMHU Sininger Hall, Las Vegas NM

Client: New Mexico Highlands University

Scope: A renovation project to convert a classroom building to an Economic Development Center for NMHU and Northern New Mexico. Project was EDA and CDGB funded. Mechanical and electrical engineering scope included extensive system replacement.

Under multiple year, open-end, NMHU environmental and engineering agreements, M & E Engineering has completed projects ranging from Phase I and Energy Studies to extensive renovations.

SFCC TATC Welding Shop Upgrade, Santa Fe NM

Client: Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe

Scope: The building renovation included expanding the existing electrical system serving a classroom area design for welding training to handle another 16 welding stations. This included upgrading the electric service to the building as well.


SFPS Eldorado & Gonzales Community Schools, Santa Fe NM

Client: WoodMetalConcrete, Santa Fe

Scope: This extensive renovation to both schools in order to convert facility use from an elementary school to a K-8 school. Some old buildings were eliminated, others renovated with extensive additions and construction was phased to allow continual use of facility. Areas of work included classrooms, kitchens, libraries, offices, data rooms, gymnasiums and mechanical rooms. Mechanical and electrical systems were upgraded or replaced and asbestos abatement was required.


SFPS Aspen Community School, Santa Fe NM

Client: Claudio Vigil Architects

Scope: This project consisted of an addition and renovation to convert facility use from an elementary school to a K-8 school. The HVAC system is a VAV system with hot water reheat and full modulation control. Project was completed in two phases to allow continual use of facility.


Rio Rancho Middle School, Rio Rancho NM

Client: Yearout Mechanical Inc.

Scope: A new 90,000 square foot middle school was constructed as design/build project. M & E Engineering completed design of the mechanical and plumbing systems for the mechanical contractor as well as consultation during construction.

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Lea County Fairground Building Upgrades, Lovington NM

Yucca and Zia Building Upgrades
Client: Lea County, Lovington

Scope: The project was initiated to add air conditioning to 2 buildings so the buildings could be rented and utilized for special events. Yucca Building was originally constructed for the National Guard as a utilitarian building and was constructed of concrete block. A more utilitarian building, Zia Building is a prime large exhibit space. In addition to new HVAC, the project involved renovations to the restrooms, the addition of an accessible restrooms, decorative wall finishes and a new lay-in/lighting ceiling in the Yucca main hall, painting throughout, power drops and Zia window repairs. A fire alarm system was installed to serve both buildings, and the power service size increased to accommodate the air conditioning systems.


EXPO Horse Arena Remodel and Expansion, Albuquerque NM

Client: EXPO New Mexico

Scope: Renovation of the HVAC and lighting in the existing horse arena, addition of exterior lighting and demolition/replacement of a horse barn. As prime consultant, M & E Engineering completed full A/E services.


EXPO Primary Power Primary Power, Phase I & II

Client: EXPO New Mexico

Scope: This project involved the re-routing of the New Mexico EXPO owned primary distribution system for the midway and food court areas. The intent was to upgrade service and minimize the number of power poles in the area. The project also included reducing load from one PNM power line and transferring power to an alternate primary system in order to reduce utility expenses related to the demand load of the facility.


Indoor Riding Arena

Client: Private client

Scope: Private riding arena designed with complete heating, air conditioning and electrical systems. The project also included an engineered surface riding surface and a sprinkler system for dust control was also designed.

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Costilla Lodge, Vermejo Park NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe
2010 LEED Silver Certified Lodge

Scope: Mechanical and electrical design was provided for a remote lodge located in on the edge of the Villa Vidal wilderness. This project combined sustainable, off grid, design and traditional architecture to create comfortable and efficient spaces for a year-round facility.


La Posada de Santa Fe, Santa Fe NM

Client: Lloyd & Tryk Architects, Santa Fe

Scope: Mechanical, plumbing and fire protection design for extensive renovation and additions to a downtown facility including HVAC replacement in existing hotel rooms, new construction of eight buildings; a Multipurpose Building (administrative offices, meeting room, ballroom, warming kitchen, commercial laundry and basement/grade valet parking); Spa Building (spa and exercise facility with five guest rooms on upper level), and six buildings of guest units.


La Fonda Restaurant Remodel

Client: Felix Architecture

Scope: Mechanical, electrical, and fire protection design to remodel a restaurant in a historic, downtown Santa Fe, hotel. The space was originally the patio for the hotel in the 1920's and has since undergone several remodels. This project was aimed at maintaining that historic feel with artisanal and natural lighting throughout, while modernizing the infrastructure.


Hotel Santa Fe Spa, Santa Fe NM

Client: Lorn Tryk Architects, Santa Fe

Scope: Renovation of an existing area in the hotel to create a spa space for sales, massage and related spa facilities. Full mechanical and electrical services were provided to extend and add HVAC, plumbing and power requirements.

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New Mexico Supreme Court Fire Suppression Installation, Santa Fe NM

Client: New Mexico Supreme Court

Scope: One of several renovation projects completed for this downtown Santa Fe historic facility. To adequately protect the building and its contents at a reasonable installation cost, M&E determined three types of sprinkler systems were required: a wet pipe system for most of the building; a gas type for areas where water would irreparably damage the contents of the space, the server room and book reserve area; and a pre-action dry type system designed to be used in areas where accidental release would cause extensive damage for the library and library storage areas. The installation was difficult due to minimal available space for pipe routing and the need to preserve surface finishes.


Lea County Courthouse HVAC Renovation, Lovington NM

Client: Lea County, Lovington

Scope: A Mechanical renovation project in a historic building required replacement of distribution for two-pipe HVAC system including all piping and terminal units, restoration of finishes and related asbestos abatement.


Federal Courthouse Restroom Remodel

Client: Facility Build

Scope: Design and permit documents were prepared for a contractor to complete the mechanical, plumbing and electrical components of a renovation of the restroom and locker room. This remodel included utilizing existing mechanical system, but required all new plumbing and electrical extensions to meet the space function.


Southern and Central NM Correctional Facility HVAC Replacements, Las Cruces & Los Lunas

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

Scope: In 2008 M & E Engineering was awarded a systems upgrade project to be completed in phases. An evaluation was completed of the mechanical and electrical systems for buildings on each campus. Since the housing unit heating and plumbing systems had deteriorated, the construction project focused on these 10 buildings, 5 at each facility. System replacement was determined through careful analysis of energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, occupant comfort and future mechanical plant de-centralization.

Related issues were solved and included in the project; replacement of the domestic water piping, local generation of domestic hot water, system controls, and electrical upgrades. The re-roofing has been added to the M&E scope at Central.


YDDC Administration Building Renovation, Albuquerque NM

Client: DWL Architects, Albuquerque

Scope: An ADA focused renovation with HVAC systems, controls and plumbing updates to the administration building at the youth facility.


Western NM Correctional Facility HVAC Upgrades

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

Scope: Programming and schematic design to replace HVAC systems throughout the facility. Aging equipment and system deterioration due to extremely hard water have necessitated consideration of complete replacement of new system types. Plumbing systems also must be replaced. Such extensive renovations will provide opportunities for energy reduction, water use restrictions, and improved occupant comfort.



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Office/Mixed Use

New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), Santa Fe NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe
2010 AGC Best Building and Winner Green Building Technology
2010 LEED Gold for New Construction

Scope: Full mechanical and electrical engineering services and LEED compliance were provided for this new 33,000 sf facility. To achieve desired efficiencies, lights are occupancy-sensing, plumbing is water conserving and there is rainwater harvesting for irrigation. The windows are operable and heating/cooling is controlled in small zones to afford occupants maximum comfort.


Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority, Rio Rancho

Client: Environmental Dynamics, Inc., Albuquerque
2010 LEED Platinum for New Construction

Scope: An addition to an existing building, this building contains multiple offices for the association headquarters. Full mechanical and electrical engineering services were provided, including LEED energy modeling and analysis. The heating and cooling system can simultaneously heat one space while cooling the other, pulling energy from one space and moving it to another. This energy moving technique saved incredible amounts of energy while providing a system that required minimal space for its equipment, in turn saving construction material.


Emergency Operations Center Expansion, Santa Fe

Client: John McMahon Architect, Santa Fe

Scope: Addition to a facility designated as the secure location of operating sate and local agencies. This addition of office space included natural and mechanical ventilation and daylighting. Security and communication were noted features. Full mechanical and electrical services were provided.


New Mexico State Capitol Renovations, Santa Fe NM

Client: Legislative Council Service, Santa Fe

Scope: M&E Engineering has completed multiple renovation projects for this building, including boiler replacement, fire alarm system installation, power upgrades, lighting replacement, snowmelt system installation and an upgrade to the lower level kitchen.


Public Service Company of New Mexico Headquarters Building, Albuquerque, NM

Client: Studio Southwest Architects, Albuquerque

Scope: This renovation project consisted of a multiphase full remodel of the 12 story Headquarters building in downtown Albuquerque. The massive renovation took only 1.5 years to complete, which included design time. The project consisted of interior mechanical and electrical renovations to accommodate complete space reconfiguration. The project phasing allowed for the building to be occupied the full duration of construction.


Bataan Memorial Building HVAC Replacement

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

Scope: M & E Engineering accomplished a project to replace the 204 fan coil units and install controls through project scope definition, contractor selection and vigilant construction administration. Energy calculations and grant applications were completed to secure ARRA funding. Work time for installation was limited to evenings and weekend to allow continued occupancy.

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Performing Arts

SFO Theater Renovation

Client: Polshek Partnership, New York

Scope: A complete renovation/re-build of the theater roof & lighting catwalk system and theater house facilities and addition of entrance buildings for Opera Shop, restrooms, and Ticket offices. House lighting, theater lighting, light control systems, fire alarm and emergency power generation were rebuilt. Control booth HVAC system and fire protection systems were installed. A water harvest system was designed to capture water from the main roof for irrigation uses.

SFO Stieren Hall

Client: Polshek Partnership, New York

Scope: A new rehearsal facility added to the SFO complex. The rehearsal hall mimics the theater stage for full rehearsal capability and is also designed to be used for intimate performances, lectures, and parties. Adjacent spaces include practice rooms, costume storage and support activities. Complex design issues related to minimizing noise from equipment, environmental controls for the costume storage, and fire suppression under various conditions.

SFO Rehearsal Hall, Vocal & Coaching Studios

Client: H3

Scope: An outdoor rehearsal stage to match the theater space and individual and small group stand alone practice studios were constructed for summer use.

Greer Garson Theater Retrofit Projects, Santa Fe NM

Client: College of Santa Fe

Scope: Identification and design of energy conservation modifications and controls for HVAC and lighting.

KiMo Theater Renovation, Albuquerque NM

Client: Kells & Craig Architects

Scope: A renovation of a historic theater included extensive upgrades to power and lighting controls, fire alarm modifications, and new theatrical lighting controls.

Center Stage Renovation, Baltimore, MD

Client: Craig Hoopes & Associates, Santa Fe

Scope: Renovation of theater lobby and administrative offices included modifications and upgrades to existing HVAC, plumbing, lighting power and fire alarm systems.

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Village in the Bosque, Bernalillo NM

Client: Autotroph, Santa Fe

Scope: Full mechanical and electrical, including site power distribution, design services for design/build of affordable housing. The sized of the development is 98 units with a senior living section as well as a large community building. These units are all electric, single family dwellings, with future solar expansion capability. Complex design is Energy Star compliant, HERS 60 rated, and the project intends to be awarded LEED Platinum.


Diamond Mesa, Albuquerque NM

Client: Galway Construction, Inc.

Scope: Mechanical and electrical design for master permit plans for multi-family and single family detached dwellings. The project was designed for the developer with the intent of replicating each building several times. Work required preparations for master permitting, on-going permit support, and performance of energy calculations required for housing - Res check, Com check, and Manual J & D calculations.


Arrowwood, Albuquerque NM

Client: Galway Construction, Inc.

Scope: Mechanical design for development of detached single family housing complex. Work included energy calculations of Manual J and D calculations as well as single line ductwork layouts.


SMU Taos Campus, New Student Casita, Taos NM

Client: Atkin Olshin Schade Architects, Santa Fe
2010 LEED Gold for New Construction

Scope: The Southern Methodist University New Student Casita is a dormitory with multiple bedrooms, a common room and computer room. The Casita achieved LEED Gold through innovation in construction and passive heating technologies. M&E Engineering was responsible for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design of the facility from programming and construction document delivery to LEED Energy modeling and construction walkthroughs. The building heating system consists of in floor radiant heating with natural ventilation. All spaces are designed for proper air flow with open windows and fans to circulate fresh air throughout the building. Passive solar technologies, South facing windows, and structurally insulated panels helped this building achieve the high LEED certification of Gold.

The building is highly insulated and utilizes water-harvesting pumice wicks, energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems, low-flow plumbing fixtures, drought-resistant vegetation, passive solar orientation, natural ventilation, radiant heating, and recycled content materials.


Ohkay Owingeh HUD Housing Restoration, San Juan NM

Client: Atkin Olshin Schade Architects, Santa Fe

Scope: This project involved extensive renovation and additions of 9 historic houses. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were carefully removed and replaced to minimize disturbance of the original structure and historic fabric of the buildings and the site.

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Data Centers

Comcast Server Room, Albuquerque NM

Client: Air Management Services, Inc.

Scope: The first part of the project was to assess space conditioning requirements, environmental conditions, and electrical service capacity. The second part consisted of electrical upgrades and HVAC system design to handle the main signal processing center for their service throughout New Mexico. This include back-up power and redundant HVAC systems to ensure reliability.

New Mexico History Museum Server Room, Santa Fe NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe

Scope: As a team member for the new facility, M&E Engineering completed mechanical, electrical and fire protection of the IT room to serve the Department of Cultural Affairs museum system.

TIWA Building, Albuquerque NM

Client: Peak Power Engineering, Santa Fe

Scope: M&E Engineering was hired to assess the existing HVAC system based on the new equipment layout in the TIWA Building. Several pieces of equipment had been added to the space of the years and there were hot spots and over heating issues.

Comcast Server Room, Santa Fe NM

Client: John Barton Architects, Santa Fe

Scope: A renovation to the existing data center that included the addition of more data processing equipment. This required a new HVAC system that utilized temperature average throughout the space.

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State Library Abatement, Santa Fe NM

Client: GSD Property Control Division, State of New Mexico

Scope: After completion of environmental assessment, project design and construction administration was performed for complete interior demolition and removal of asbestos-containing materials, lead paint materials, and light fixtures containing PCBs. Project also included removal of the exterior plaster. This project was completed as a stand-alone project in a pre-construction phase to a subsequent build-out.


NMHU Douglas Hall Abatement, Las Vegas NM

Client: New Mexico Highland University, Las Vegas

Scope: After initial project assessment, project design and construction administration were completed for interior demolition, asbestos abatement, removal of pigeon droppings, reconstruction of windows, repair of brick, and re-roofing of historical building. Completed as a stand-alone project in advance of a renovation and restoration project.

NM Highlands University Logo

Lincoln Monument Environmental and HVAC Renovations, Lincoln NM

Client: Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

Scope: M & E Engineering completed a project involving assessment and installation of HVAC systems in 3 historic buildings, Tunstall, Visitor’s Center and the Courthouse. Several environmental issues were encountered during the process. This includes abatement of lead paint, and bat guano.


SFPS AHERA Environmental Assessments, Santa Fe NM

Client: Santa Fe Public Schools

Scope: On-going 6 month surveillance and 3 year inspections to maintain asbestos containing materials per EPA guidelines, including twice annual document of maintenance. When required by material condition or anticipated material disturbance due to renovation, M&E Engineering designs abatement project, conducts construction administration, orders air clearances and maintains documents.


Willie Ortiz Building Radon Assessment and Mitigation System Design, Santa Fe

Client: GSD Property Control Division, State of New Mexico

Scope: Assessment and design of sub-slab depressurization system for radon removal in the underground storage area. System included a fan driven ventilation system connected to carefully placed ventilation pipes throughout the building slab area.

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