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Projects - Civic - M&E Engineering


New Mexico Supreme Court Fire Suppression Installation, Santa Fe NM

Client: New Mexico Supreme Court

Scope: One of several renovation projects completed for this downtown Santa Fe historic facility. To adequately protect the building and its contents at a reasonable installation cost, M&E determined three types of sprinkler systems were required: a wet pipe system for most of the building; a gas type for areas where water would irreparably damage the contents of the space, the server room and book reserve area; and a pre-action dry type system designed to be used in areas where accidental release would cause extensive damage for the library and library storage areas. The installation was difficult due to minimal available space for pipe routing and the need to preserve surface finishes.

Lea County Event Center HVAC Renovation, Lovington, NM

Client: Lea County

Scope: A challenging project to upgrade and replace the HVAC system of a large facility while maintaining a full schedule of events. Extensive engineering and management skills by M & E Engineering were required to get this project underway beginning with extensive examination of existing conditions and selection of high performing equipment that would be easy to install. The project included installation of a chiller, large air handler units and a control system which also integrated the existing hot water heating system. To set up the project for successful construction a long construction time was planned to allow working around event schedules, a detailed sequence of construction was developed, and a contingency allowance was provided to allow quick response to unseen conditions.


Embudo Valley Library, Dixon NM

Client: Autotroph, Santa Fe

Scope: Renovation of existing space and addition to a community library. Solar thermal was designed in conjunction with local citizens.

Rio Arriba Public Works

Client: NCA Architects, Albuquerque

Scope: New public works facility including offices and vehicle service bays. This included vehicle exhaust, oil/sand separation system, and emergency wash areas. Other unique systems are the office HVAC system. It is a thermal solar system with Solar Logic controls and monitoring.


Household Hazardous Waste Building, Santa Fe NM

Client: J.R. Miller & Associates, La Brea CA

Scope: A new waste transfer facility for household waste (i.e. oil and paint). This included a full mechanical and electrical systems and construction administration for entire project on behalf of out-of-state client.


Southside Fire Station, Santa Fe NM

Client: Riskin Associates Architecture, Santa Fe

Scope: New 9,000 square foot fire station in Santa Fe. The system design included mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems with design of utilities and service extensions.


Picuris Pueblo Electric Service and Communications Study, Penasco NM

Client: Picuris Pueblo, Penasco

Scope: Study to extend and expand the capacity of electrical service and communications systems. Project pending grant funding.