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Projects - Office/Mixed Use - M&E Engineering

Office/Mixed Use

New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), Santa Fe NM

Client: Conron & Woods Architects, Santa Fe
2010 AGC Best Building and Winner Green Building Technology
2010 LEED Gold for New Construction

Scope: Full mechanical and electrical engineering services and LEED compliance were provided for this new 33,000 sf facility. To achieve desired efficiencies, lights are occupancy-sensing, plumbing is water conserving and there is rainwater harvesting for irrigation. The windows are operable and heating/cooling is controlled in small zones to afford occupants maximum comfort.


Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority, Rio Rancho

Client: Environmental Dynamics, Inc., Albuquerque
2010 LEED Platinum for New Construction

Scope: An addition to an existing building, this building contains multiple offices for the association headquarters. Full mechanical and electrical engineering services were provided, including LEED energy modeling and analysis. The heating and cooling system can simultaneously heat one space while cooling the other, pulling energy from one space and moving it to another. This energy moving technique saved incredible amounts of energy while providing a system that required minimal space for its equipment, in turn saving construction material.


Emergency Operations Center Expansion, Santa Fe

Client: John McMahon Architect, Santa Fe

Scope: Addition to a facility designated as the secure location of operating sate and local agencies. This addition of office space included natural and mechanical ventilation and daylighting. Security and communication were noted features. Full mechanical and electrical services were provided.


New Mexico State Capitol Renovations, Santa Fe NM

Client: Legislative Council Service, Santa Fe

Scope: M&E Engineering has completed multiple renovation projects for this building, including boiler replacement, fire alarm system installation, power upgrades, lighting replacement, snowmelt system installation and an upgrade to the lower level kitchen.


Public Service Company of New Mexico Headquarters Building, Albuquerque, NM

Client: Studio Southwest Architects, Albuquerque

Scope: This renovation project consisted of a multiphase full remodel of the 12 story Headquarters building in downtown Albuquerque. The massive renovation took only 1.5 years to complete, which included design time. The project consisted of interior mechanical and electrical renovations to accommodate complete space reconfiguration. The project phasing allowed for the building to be occupied the full duration of construction.


Bataan Memorial Building HVAC Replacement

Client: GSD/Property Control Division

Scope: M & E Engineering accomplished a project to replace the 204 fan coil units and install controls through project scope definition, contractor selection and vigilant construction administration. Energy calculations and grant applications were completed to secure ARRA funding. Work time for installation was limited to evenings and weekend to allow continued occupancy.