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Projects - Equestrian/Fairgrounds - M&E Engineering


Lea County Fairground Building Upgrades, Lovington NM

Yucca and Zia Building Upgrades
Client: Lea County, Lovington

Scope: The project was initiated to add air conditioning to 2 buildings so the buildings could be rented and utilized for special events. Yucca Building was originally constructed for the National Guard as a utilitarian building and was constructed of concrete block. A more utilitarian building, Zia Building is a prime large exhibit space. In addition to new HVAC, the project involved renovations to the restrooms, the addition of an accessible restrooms, decorative wall finishes and a new lay-in/lighting ceiling in the Yucca main hall, painting throughout, power drops and Zia window repairs. A fire alarm system was installed to serve both buildings, and the power service size increased to accommodate the air conditioning systems.


EXPO Horse Arena Remodel and Expansion, Albuquerque NM

Client: EXPO New Mexico

Scope: Renovation of the HVAC and lighting in the existing horse arena, addition of exterior lighting and demolition/replacement of a horse barn. As prime consultant, M & E Engineering completed full A/E services.


EXPO Primary Power Primary Power, Phase I & II

Client: EXPO New Mexico

Scope: This project involved the re-routing of the New Mexico EXPO owned primary distribution system for the midway and food court areas. The intent was to upgrade service and minimize the number of power poles in the area. The project also included reducing load from one PNM power line and transferring power to an alternate primary system in order to reduce utility expenses related to the demand load of the facility.


Indoor Riding Arena

Client: Private client

Scope: Private riding arena designed with complete heating, air conditioning and electrical systems. The project also included an engineered surface riding surface and a sprinkler system for dust control was also designed.