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Team - M&E Engineering

M&E Engineering Team

Our professional team of dedicated employees serves a client base of government, educational, commercial, and individual clients as well as other design professionals. From our two office locations, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, we provide engineering services throughout New Mexico and the southwest region. With each project we demonstrate our ability to assess and solve complex issues through professional engineering and construction administration.

Karl Tipton, P.E.


Project Engineer - Mechanical and Electrical

Mr. Tipton joined the M&E Engineering team in 2005 with experience in engineering design and management. He leads a broad range of commercial engineering design projects, providing expertise in mechanical and electrical system evaluation, selection, and specification. This includes experience in the latest generation of HVAC and electrical systems. He provides construction management on all his projects which enables him to manage the engineering project from start to finish. In addition, he has extensive experience in load/energy modeling and life cycle cost analysis. He is a member of ASHRAE and AEE technical societies.

  • PE Architectural - New Mexico (#21200)
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University

Michel Fidel

Vice President

Environmental Specialist and Construction Administration

As a project manager and construction administrator at M&E Engineering, Mr. Fidel is committed to a successful project for the Owner. He brings a wealth of asbestos experience to the team. His background includes large scale inspection, management plan development, and extensive project management of asbestos removal jobs. His ability to explain conditions and work with regulating agencies is valued. His knowledge of construction practices, as well as his relationship to contractors and subcontractors, allows him to positively impact the construction phase of our projects.

  • AHERA Inspector, Management Planner, and Contractors and Supervisors, original certificates University of Southern California and University of Texas.
  • General Contractor, GB-98, 014847
  • Eastern New Mexico University - 1970-1973, B. S. Industrial Arts Education.

Kyle Garber


Project Manager and Project Engineer

A partner since 1999, Mr. Garber is a project manager with project administrative, design, financial and management responsibilities. He has extensive experience with New Mexico state government, public school design criteria, administrative requirements, historic preservation, and construction administration processes. Several projects have included LEED certification.

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology, Texas A & M University, 1990
  • M & E Engineering in house mechanical technical and project manager training programs.

Byron Smith, P.E., LEED AP


Project Engineer - Mechanical

Mr. Smith joined the M&E Engineering team in 2006 with experience in mechanical design and management. Through recent project work he has developed proficiency in government construction administration requirements and documentation. In addition to being highly proficient in the use of modeling for analysis, Mr. Smith has extensive experience with LEED and green building requirements. He manages the office SpecLink system for technical specifications.

  • PE Mechanical - New Mexico (#12576)
  • B.S. Engineering Technology, New Mexico State University